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About me

My name is Anita Kubaisi, I am a wife, a mother, a freelance translator, and an assistant web designer.

I have been working as a translator since 2014 with the languages Bulgarian, Italian, and English, to which I added Spanish later on.

Bulgarian is my mother tongue. I am fluent in English and Italian, and I have excellent comprehension skills in Spanish, although I do not feel confident enough to create texts in Spanish, yet.

I was born in Sofia but my family moved to Burgas when I was about 7 years old. I graduated from a specialist high school in 2005, with a major in Computer Science and IT. In 2006, I moved to Rome, Italy, and I lived there for about 4 years.

I obtained my Bachelor's Degree in Rome, from the very prestigious (and beautiful) university La Sapienza – Universitá degli Studi di Roma. I majored in Political Science and International Relations, which I completed with a thesis in International Economics on the topic “L'area dell'Euro è un'Area Valutaria Ottimale?” (Is the Euro Area an Optimum Currency Area?).

In 2010, I moved to Brescia and enrolled in the Universitá degli Studi di Milano for my Master's Degree. I continued my studies in International Relations with a focus on International Trade and European Integration. My master's thesis was in EU Market and Competition Law on the topic “I limiti alla libera circolazione dei cittadini europei e la lotta alla criminalità nel diritto dell'Unione Europea” (The Limits on the Free Movement of European Citizens and the Fight Against Crime in the Europan Union Law). 

After I completed my studies, in 2014, I shyly entered the freelance workforce. Being an introvert and a woman who was hoping to one day start a family, finding a job that would allow me to work from home and manage my own time was the dream!  I started with data mining and research but I already knew that my true passion lay in translation. I was very lucky that my first clients, some of which I continue to work with to this day, gave me an opportunity and trusted an inexperienced new graduate. 

In 2017, I returned to my home country, with nearly nothing but my laptop and my cat. It was a journey that brought me to re-discover myself and leave the comfort zone to which I had gotten a bit too accustomed. Here, I found the support, motivation, and ambition to really focus on my work, which is inextricably linked to my self-worth and confidence. Soon after, I also found love, got married, and had a child, all within the span of a few years! The changes and challenges in my personal life, however, did not slow me down and I continued to work “full time” as a freelance translator, with the minor difference that after my beautiful son was born, my working hours moved from the daytime mostly into the nighttime. 

My husband (who is also a freelancer) and I discovered that we are a great team not only in life but in business as well, and I joined him as an assistant in his web development projects. After building nearly a dozen websites together for my husband's clients, we decided to create something that would be our own and that we would both be passionate about; that's how our two “family projects” were born. 

One of them is a charitable mission with an IT twist – a fundraiser platform based on Crypto Currency. The other project, which we launched in 2020 after nearly two years in development, is actually directed toward people like us – freelancers. We tried to address some of the issues most freelancers face when they enter the freelance world and created something new and oriented toward solving those issues by making an easy-to-use platform with transparent and accessible fees.

However, despite venturing into this new and unknown territory,  I never stopped working in my chosen field, which is translating (and probably never will), as this is something that I truly enjoy doing (in addition to paying the bills).  I have perfected and refined my craft over the years, placing a particular focus on the translation of legal, financial, and marketing documents, which encompass areas that I am already familiar with thanks to my education. In addition to various documents, I also love translating works of fiction and I am ambitiously adding more and more novels to my repertoire of translated works.

Feel free to contact me with any new projects or suggestions, I am always open to new opportunities and interesting offers.